Triple Layer Fuck Side

Green canvas triple layer FUCK!

Dark green cotton canvas front, lined in light weight silk , organic cotton back. Mask has a pocked for removable filter. Comes with one made in USA HEPA H-11 filter.

Studies suggests that you can increase the effectiveness of cloth face mask by adding multi layers. Researchers evaluated efficiency of cloth masks and found masks made from one layer of cotton and layer of silk chiffon, proven to provide good electrostatic filtering, a process that traps particles through the same kind of ďclingĒ effect created by static electricity. Not only did the hybrid masks outperform all other two- or three-layer masks made of a single material, they were superior to N95 masks for particles smaller than 300 nanometers particles.

Of course, no fabric or fabric combination will work as intended if your mask doesnít fit properly. Research indicates that leakages around the sides of a mask can degrade filtering efficiencies by 50 percent or more. Lack of such leakage is one reason why properly worn N95 masks work so well.

A well-fitted mask will hug your face, covering both nose and chin with no obvious gaps. Itís also important that your mask stays put, even when you talk, so youíre not constantly touching it to readjust. Masks with a bendable metal nose strip can help to create a tight seal and hold a mask in place; this can also help prevent glasses from fogging up.

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