Published: 08/28/2021


Saturday August 28th 2021 Allegory & Art  
We were ONLINE with Allegory & Art for a virtual gathering and it was excellent.
Here is who we were with for a Film Premier, Live music, Kinetic art,
Entertainment, creative inspiration, community and FUN!
These collaborators are bringing their magic:
Film Premiere! and paintings by Angelique Benicio
Live Performance by Jet Black Pearl
Fashion Art by us!  Throckmorton Jones
Luxurious textile design and accessories Damon Grey
Kinetic and mixed media sculpture by Ave Rose



Allegory in art is when the subject of the artwork, or the various elements that form the composition, is used to symbolize a deeper moral or spiritual meaning such as life, death, love, virtue and justice.

We gather as a collection of local artists, singers, dancers, musicians, performers, costume makers, film makers and photographers to bring about artfully orchestrated chaos. We invite all of you, our dear friends and neighbors to join us in our celebration of creativity, revel in our mutual curiosity and to help us engage in a collaborative process which transforms our community for the better.
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