Published: 02/11/2018

"Absurd Beauty of Unorthodox Means"

Our 3rd year collaborating with The Crucible for this awesome fundraiser.

The Crucible is a nonprofit organization and art school dedicated to making the fine and industrial arts accessible for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Whose work is centered in Oakland and the East Bay, where we provide high-quality, fun classes and workshops to over 8,000 people each year.

This year is a tribute to PRINCE: The Theme of 2017 Hot Couture is The Beautiful Ones.  Fashion designers construct fantastical pieces of wearable art. Jones and Tomassini started work in October, calling their designs, “Absurd Beauty of Unorthodox Means.” They’re taking the Prince concept and running with it, Jones says in a phone interview, creating their own sleek version of 1970s jumpsuits, then adding mechanical face shields, headdresses, LEDs, mono-filaments, fur, and even prosthetics — in the form of silicone third eyes.


“It sounds outrageous, but at the core, the jumpsuits are fashion you could wear in actual life,” Jones says. “For the designers, this is your big show. Just like the runway shows in Milan, where the creations are clearly over-the-top but meant to be a showcase of what you can do.”







"Pushing out a metal contraption which first looked like a cart for baby robot, followed by models in black like Edward Scissorhands with hung Afros and long sleeves which dragged to the floor and ended at the fingertips that were lit on fire like small candles. They mingled in a weird and wonderful way with a second group of models wearing powder blue nickers, bonnets and tall hats with glasses attached that opened and closed automatically as they stopped to strike a pose. Very idiosyncratic with a hint of sexy and extreme. Erotic City come alive." -Keno Mapp  



Absurd beauty of the Mind      Absurd beauty of the Mind    Absurd beauty of the Mind shadow Absurd beauty of the Mind shadow   Absurd beauty of the Mind shadow  Absurd beauty of the Mind     Absurd beauty of the Spirit all  Absurd beauty of the Spirit     all    g  g  Kelly  h  g  d    



Behind the Scenes:

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"Absurd Beauty of Unorthodox means, A tale of pioneering spirits launching technical high fashion art"
contrary to reason, illogical, over the top, unexpected detail details details!
in materials- leather, fiber optics, led, fire. in dramatic features- makeup, bumm, eyes, hair. in arrangement- color arrangement, material, upside down, sideways in techniques- construction, fabrication & design
defying boundaries
 Re-imaging the craze of the 70's jumpsuit phenomenon! with shadow figures in black and mixed leather that "mirror"/ shadow the Absurd Beauties
6 total people on stage:
Absurd Beauties of Unorthodox means & 3 shadows with fire.
The Shadows:  cheeky  and humorous  follow the Absurd beauties (Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit) around as they  work together to "LIGHT IT UP". ... literally light it up there will be a large globe that will flash explode and reveal a message in fire!! 
This show is all about celebrating the magic of saying yes! to both giving and receiving! Our goal is to elevate/ ignite/ delight/ evoke a feeling of unbridled empowerment of selves and others. Permission to be more free, more free, more free!  
Music: fantastically whimsical, unearthly, oddly magical, fun & very intentional
The aesthetic: Playful, humorous, delightful, dramatic, exaggerated and ooooh so sexy.
The team: as per our community, diverse in age , talents and look.
The Materials: micro motors and controllers wired into mechanical face shields/ headdress, Leather, linen, silk, LED, Mono -Filament, Controllers, Silicone prosthetic transfers.
This is a fundraiser and our show is volunteer.  We'd love to trade services-talent and/or offer products from our atelier in exchange for MUA services. 
We have some great unusual one of a kind pieces that you may use to shoot in.
We have a line of one of a kind leather good that we will offer a piece from for you to have... and customize it for your fit.
OR if you have a prop you'd like to make we can work together to make something.

Sketch  Sketch  sketchv shadows  test g  v  vv  v  v v  v  v  v vv  v  scraps to use  v    b  vv   v  v v  



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