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Published: 11/18/2020

Not All Masks Are Created Equal!

How to Choose A Mask?
Based on CDC, WHO, and independent studies and reports (links bottom)


Six Important Factors:  Materials, Construction quality, Protection, Care, Fit/ Comfort, Style

1. Materials:

2. Quality: 

3. Protection:

4. Care:

5. Comfort:

6. Style: 


 stylish vs yucky

Researchers tested and evaluated the efficiency of cloth masks and found masks made from one layer of 600-thread-count cotton and a layer of silk chiffon (proven to provide good electrostatic filtering, a process that traps particles through static electricity). Not only did the hybrid masks outperform all other two- or three-layer masks made of a single material, they were superior to N95 masks for particles smaller than 300 nanometers.

Of course, no fabric or fabric combination will work as intended if your mask doesn’t fit properly. Research shows that leakages around the sides of a mask can degrade filtering efficiencies by 50 percent or more. Lack of such leakage is one reason properly worn N95 masks work so well.

A well-fitted mask will hug your face, covering both nose and chin with no obvious gaps. It’s also important that your mask stays put, even when you talk, so you’re not constantly touching it to readjust. Masks with a bendable metal nose strip can help to create a tight seal and hold a mask in place; this can also help prevent glasses from fogging up.

How Should a Mask Fit?
For your cloth mask to be effective, you must be sure you're wearing it correctly.

Make sure your mask:

 Avoid touching your mask while wearing it, and if you do, wash or sanitize your hands. Avoid letting it drape around your neck or rest on top of your forehead.


How to remove masks:
 (you want to do so correctly)

 How to clean and how often:

Wash in Bag     

How to dry:

How or where to store masks:



Cloth face coverings are not recommended for:

Our masks:
Triple and Quadruple layers

  Throckmorton Jones Masks   



  USA made filters        wash and care





over the head



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